For every military dog to have the rehabilitation and retirement they deserve

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Hundreds of dogs who have spent their lives working for the military are being put to sleep rather than being given the opportunity of the appropriate rehabilitation they need to allow them to live out the happy retirement they deserve. Reasons for this can include what is described as, according to Ministry of Defence documents, "failing to maintain standards", being, “old and worn out”, for, “welfare reasons” and for being, “too fierce”. Being old and worn out can mean the dog is over 8 years old! These hero dogs' working roles may have been sniffing out explosives, or being protection dogs, tracking down and capturing insurgents.

The Ministry of Defence needs to change its policy to ensure all their working dogs have the opportunity of the best rehabilitation and retirement possible.

The policy should allow dogs who have carried out vital work, supporting and protecting human colleagues the best chance of a happy retirement. All the working dogs deserve the right to be expertly assessed as to what their future should be. Simply being 8 years old should not be grounds for euthanasia. Expert rehabilitation may be more costly than putting dogs to sleep, but surely these dogs have earned the right to the best retirement they can have?

If the MoD makes the change, more dogs - as many dogs as possible- will get to live out their lives safely and happily.

If the change isn't made, dogs who have given their all to ensure our safety will carry on needlessly dying.