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Ministry of Culture of Spain: Bring the “Guernica” painting by Picasso to Gernika (Basque Country)

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The 26 April 2011 will mark the 76th anniversary of the air raid on Gernika, when a defenceless civilian population was bombed on a Monday when local people from the region had come to the local fair.

Gernika was not chosen as a random target, but rather as it was the symbol of Basque Freedom, as it was the cradle of one of the oldest democracies in Europe.

The Republican Government commissioned Pablo Ruiz Picasso to paint “Guernica", the painting that denounced the deaths and suffering of its population following the air raid. The painting has now become the symbol of Peace and Human Rights around the world.

We call upon the relevant institutions to start negotiations to bring “Guernica” back to Gernika, its permanent home. We would therefore ask you to show your support for this petition and we would be grateful if you would forward it to your contacts so they can also back this initiative. We are sure that working together we can bring Guernica back to Gernika.


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