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Ask the ministry of Agriculture to Ban the selling of Lannate in Lebanon!

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In memory of my lovely dog Tracy who was ruthlessly poisoned with Lannate one year ago in front of our home. She passed away. I will keep fighting animal abuse until my last breath.

Animal abuse is an aggressive and antisocial behavior and people who abuse animals rarely stop there; Many of them move on to their fellow humans. Communities must recognize that abuse to any living being is unacceptable and endangers everyone. Children should be taught to care for and respect animals.

Animal poisoning in Lebanon has become one popular method of abuse.The number one enemy for cats and dogs in Lebanon is Lannate poison. It is a lethal poison that is Odorless and Colorless. The Ministry of Agriculture released a law (decree no. 1/849) stating that poison substances are illegal if odorless and colorless. The poison would need to have a color and a smell in order for people / pets to avoid the area that the poison has been spread. Thus the Municipalities are very clearly breaking this law. Lannate is sold everywhere in Lebanon regardless that it is illegal to sell it. Any individual can buy Lannate and spread the poison wherever he desires.

Lannate can also be transported while walking on the street through our shoes where it will most probably land in small amounts on your home floor where your kids are playing, where babies throw their toys and pick them up again to chew on them. It won’t take longer than ten minutes for your pet or child to die after licking a small amount of Lannate.

Please help us relay this message to the ministry of Agriculture by asking them to BAN THE SELLING OF LANNATE IN LEBANON AND PUNISH EVERY INDIVIDUAL THAT USES IT.

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