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Make bludgeoning bobby calves to death with blunt instruments illegal in New Zealand

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A newly revealed detail of the dairy industry to the New Zealand public has caused outrage, Bobby calves are legally being able to be killed by farmers using blunt force trauma E.g. A hammer or crowbar, in certain circumstances. The term ‘bobby calves’ refers to newborn calves, less than 30 days old that have been prematurely separated from their mothers. Essentially, they are surplus to the requirements of the dairy industry as they are not required for the milking herd, nor are they seen profitable. This applies to all bull calves (males) and around three quarters of heifer calves (females). As with any living creature I believe they have the right to die humanely, not a victim of severe violence prolonging suffering prior to death. A lethal injection should be legally required to be administered to these distressed animals in emergency situations, this would ensure the animal was put out of its misery quickly and painlessly as they deserve. SAFE campaign manager Mandy Carter shared her views surrounding the matter on Breakfast after the video footage of a New Zealand dairy farmer caused outrage in Chile. One must question why the same outrage was not shared by our 'clean and green' nation. Her opinions were as follows: Further regulation was needed through legislative reform to monitor issues around animal welfare, as the present approach was "absolutely ridiculous," she said. "I guess there's two issues. There's the welfare of calves on the farm, and is it being monitored, which we know it's not because MPI, Ministry for Primary Industries, has only 10 inspectors for the whole country which is absolutely ridiculous. "The second issue is the dairy industry cruelty as a whole, the inherent cruelty in the industry which can't be resolved." Bobby calves killed at a slaughterhouse often did not fare better than those killed on the farm, picked up at four days old and transported distances of 100 kilometres or more to be slaughtered, Carter said. "They're scared, they're distressed, and they're very weak little young animals, and it's not good." The group also wanted an independent commissioner for animals, so they would have someone who would stand up for them, Carter said. "At the moment we have a situation where it's like the fox looking after the hen house - the Ministry for Primary Industries wants to promote industry but they're also in charge of animal welfare," she said. Let's band together to bring justice to those who cannot be heard, that are consistently being taken advantage of by the dairy industry and allow them their final rights on this earth to be a peaceful, painless death. Action is required to make the necessary changes to the current legislation.

See this link for more information on New Zealand Dairy Industry, an industry still laden with animal cruelty

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