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The High Authority of Health in France (HAS) just announced the imminent publication of the National Protocol for Diagnosis and Treatment (PNDS). This text is an unprecedented backsliding in diagnosis and treatment of chronic Lyme disease.

By allowing only a 28-day course of antibiotics, except for a research protocol managed by an appointed reference center, this legal text forbids in fact the taking care of chronic Lyme disease in France by LLMDs who have treated us so far. In response to this prohibition, some LLMDs already let us know they discontinued their consultations and they are calling their patients to cancel the appointments.

After observing significant improvements in their symptoms, thousands of patients are about to fall into medical wandering again.

With this petition, we are asking for:

- Freedom in healthcare protocols for LLMDs. 
- Withdrawal of ELISA and Western Blot assays.
- Reimbursement of treatments till complete recovery. 
- Official recognition of chronic Lyme disease.
- Substantial budget for thematic research on chronic Lyme.

In order for our LLMDs to be able to treat us again in a legal framework, and to prevent treatment discontinuation, we just launched a fundraising campaign to file a lawsuit to the administrative court early July.

Faced with this treatment refusal for chronic Lyme patients, we are calling for your help 2 ways:

1°) Signing this petition so that LLMDs and patients have freedom of treatment for chronic Lyme disease, and sharing this petition all around you as much as you can, patients and non-patients (by mail, on blogs, forums, Facebook and Twitter)

2°) Taking part in this fundraising campaign to file a lawsuit so that LLMDs can resume their consultations as soon as possible in a legal framework, via Helloasso (French) or Paypal (English). Estimated cost of the lawsuit: Up to 15,000 euros.

The PNDS is due mid-July, we only have a few days to counter this restrictive legal text, recover our rights, and take back control of our health. We rely on you all, patients and non-patients to help us.

Thank you,