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Demandar que el Gobierno de Bolivia proteja - EL JAGUAR- Sera el proximo extinto

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Do not let the jaguar is about to be exterminated.


 As of 2014, a strong threat to jaguar populations was detected in Bolivia: radio ads offering between US $ 150 and US $ 200 per tusk, inciting local people to start an intense hunting in the forest, as they represent an interesting economic income, difficult to refuse.

This demand coincides with the arrival in Bolivia of hundreds of Chinese companies that operate in millionaire projects, because until that date, although there was wildlife trafficking in Bolivia, the traffic of jaguar tusks had not been identified until then.

Despite the efforts of the national authorities to seize hundreds of tusks that were being sent to China by Chinese citizens living in Bolivia and initiate the corresponding criminal proceedings - the trafficking of wild animals and their parts is classified as a crime in the national norm--, to date, no one has been imprisoned.

Until the end of 2017, an estimated 140 dead jaguars are estimated due to the demand for jaguar tusks. Considering the seizures made at national and international level, the actual amount is unknown and this number is considered very conservative, since it is known that the percentage of live parts or animals detected is minimal.

When the jaguar populations are endangered, the health of the forest is in danger, because the presence of jaguars in an area is an indicator of the health of the ecosystem, that is, that the populations of their prey are in equilibrium and therefore the vegetation is also in balance and maintains its ecological role of control.     

Although two of the actions that were considered are the control and supervision of the crime, it is important that the National Competent Environmental Authority take preventive actions, diminishing or eliminating the demand created by Chinese citizens in our country, coordinating actions with other governmental instances.

It is not possible for Bolivia to open its borders to migrants and these, instead of respecting Bolivian laws and adapting to them, wipe out biodiversity, one of our most precious assets.   




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