Approve 'Miracle' Cancer Drug Pembrolizumab for Cancer Patients in Ireland Immediatly

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Hi there,

We are writing to share our story and ask for help for our dearest Mother Bridie..

Mam is the grapevine of our family, she is a loving wife, a mother to seven children, Nanny to seventeen grandchildren, mother in law, active community member, neighbour and friend to many.

Mam was diagnosed with stage four Gastric Cancer on the 2nd of May this year  and has since undergone three grueling rounds of chemotherapy. Whilst on treatment like many people undergoing chemotherapy she was nauseous, was zapped of energy, could not eat thus lost loads of weight, had to stay in bed all day and worst of all had to take up to ten huge tablets both morning and evening in order to get the dose of chemotherapy into the body. It was so debilitating, especially for a woman who was always so full of energy and constantly on the go that she had to stop the treatment as she had no quality of life whatsoever. It was then that we decided as a family that there had to be an alternative treatment which had less side effects and gave a better quality of life.. it was then that we discovered Pembrolizumab..which is the drug Vicky Phelan is currently on and is living proof that it does work..

We contacted a UK company called Oncologica. The Oncologica lab offers to the wide public at an accessible cost Oncofocus DNA Cancer test; the world’s most comprehensive precision oncology test that precisely identifies the right drug for every patient’s cancer thereby increasing chances of a successful treatment.The Oncofocus Test is performed within 10 working days on the routine histology samples that have been used to make the initial diagnosis (which are usually held in the treating hospital's pathology archive) so the patient does not normally require any additional biopsies or blood tests.  Once the Test is complete, the piece will be returned to the hospital.The Oncofocus Test is used today throughout the world with extraordinary results.

We were thrilled when we found out that Mams type of cancer could be controlled using Pembrolizumab and give her a better quality of life,however to our huge disappointment we found out that this drug was not covered by the HSE and costs an outstanding 8,000 for the drug which would have to be administered every 3 weeks, not to mention the scans, blood tests and hospital stays which could amount to anything from 2,000-5,000.

We are calling on the Minister for Health, Simon Harris, to approve funding for this life-saving treatment for patients who prove positive to the effectiveness of this drug with all types of cancer but in our case Gastric Cancer , for our Mam and other patients in Ireland waiting for the chance for a better life, and in some cases a chance of life itself.

Time is not a luxury for Mam and other people waiting on this drug. We need this drug TODAY.

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Thank you for your attention and support.

With Love,

The O' Haire Family.