South Africa taking global lead to ban fireworks for environmental reasons

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This is an appeal for a Nationwide Ban on the use of Fireworks as it:

  • pollutes the air with harmful and toxic gases and particulates
  • contributes to global warming by emitting large amounts of carbon dioxide and producees harmful gasses that is destroying the ozone layer
  • pollutes water with heavy metals and perchlorates
  • harms pets, animals and birds
  • is a fire hazard
  • generates unnecessary trash
  • it is a safety issue, harmful to health, can injure and maim and can cause permanent hearing loss
  • noisy and inconsiderate to neighbours
  • causes stress and worry, both in the fear of potential danger and  noise pollution.
  • South Africa is taking global lead to ban fireworks for environmental reasons like global warming and for animal welfare.
  • only selfish people use fireworks for pleasure at the expense of damaging the environment and causing stress to animals
  • it is a waste of money, the money can rather be used to feed the poor and hungry
  • send a message to your local and national government representative or write to newspapers or share it on social media.
  • widely supported by community based organisations

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