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Want to sterilize every Male stray dog in India

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Respected Sir,

As a responsible citizen of this nation, I would like to bring to your notice about the practices followed while trying to control the stray dog population. By subjecting them to go through neutering through which their sex organs are removed, you instill a variety of medical ailments in to them.

Scientific evidence is mounting that gonad removal through neutering can deliver serious consequences to a dog’s future health. Among those consequences shortened lifespan, atypical Cushing’s disease,
cardiac tumors, bone cancer, abnormal bone growth and development, CCL ruptures and hip dysplasia are predominantly prominent.

When there is serious scientific evidence against it, I seriously wonder how AWBI is allowing such cruelty to happen from time to time. As a regular visitor to the nearby government shelter, I would like to point to you that when you catch free roaming dogs and place them in a room, there is bound to be infighting as dogs are territorial creatures. When you keep them in such confined spaces, there is every possibility for the possibility of transmission of skin diseases too. We leave them out of the shelter in less than a week and scientific evidence points out that they have a tendency to become more aggressive.

I would like to point out to you that ABC program has miserably failed and you will know that many organizations run it to receive donations and none of them has followed a scientific approach of even trying to make a census before starting this process in their respective wards. Truth is, nobody cares and they are making money capitalizing on the sufferings of these voiceless creatures. Is there a humane solution to this conundrum? Yes, there is.

As a Chemical engineer, I would like to bring to your notice about Calcium chloride ( CaCl2), an intratesticular injection of this compound will effectively neuter the male dog without the painful surgery and at the same time will reduce our government expending by nearly 9 times on this futile exercise. I have attached the copies of those scientific reports along with this letter which would vindicate the stand of injecting calcium chloride. And a Wallstreet Journal applauding the research.

For more than a decade, this scientific paper was in existence and if this practice had been implemented, we wouldn’t be having such a massacre in Kerala. This agony could have been abated. I kindly request you to look into this research report and pass the necessary guidelines so that we can save the taxpayer’s money as well as reduce the sufferings of these voiceless.…/too-many-dogs-a-simple-solution-for-st

Yours truly,

Srinivasan K


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