Let’s make 628 Secondary Highway safe

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Provincial Highway 628 is a secondary highway that is used as a commuter road to the City of Edmonton. It sees a significant amount of traffic and the speed limit is 80km/h. Not that long ago, the highway used to be cold mix asphalt. For some reason, the road was torn up and replaced as a gravel road. As a secondary provincial highway, you would expect a certain level of standards to be met and kept. This road is dangerous. It is too narrow, with washboard and pothole conditions and no shoulders in some areas. In the summer, there is very little dust control, making visibility and air quality low. There are areas where guardrails should be in place for the protection of drivers.

As residents, we have complained to the Minister of Transportation and our MLA. We have since involved media outlets to get our message across. The government’s response is that this stretch of road was not in their 3 year plan for improvements. They say that they are constantly in talks with their contractors to up the level of service. No amount of service will help the fact that the road is in poor condition and needs to be upgraded.

In July of this year, a young man driving in poor visibility and on a washboard surface, hit the ditch in my yard and lost his life. Although it doesn’t compare to his family’s loss, I also lost my beloved horse in the accident. I don’t think we should have to wait for more fatalities for the government to act. This is a pressing issue for residents and commuters.

Please help us to get this road up to acceptable safety standards. We owe it to our community and we owe it to Luke, 21, a beloved and cherished family member who lost his life on this dangerous road. There should not be a price on the value of our family lives

Please sign our petition and make our voices heard.