Ban Single Use Plastic Bags that claim to be “REUSABLE”

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Single use plastic bags were banned because of their detrimental effects on the environment. The bans were adopted because we can easily bring our own bags when shopping or use a spare cardboard box from the store to carry our groceries. Instead of honouring the intention behind the ban and taking much needed action for the globally stressed marine environment, single use plastic bags in Australia have been replaced by plastic bags printed with words like “REUSABLE.” This is a disgrace and needs adjusting to rid our shopping centres from these crutches of convenience we have too long relied upon. We have decided we can go without them, we need the government or any body to enforce the laws that were passed not for the fine print that allows a minute difference in thickness of plactic bags to be considered reusable. No. We need legitimate enforcement these laws for their true intention to reduce plastic pollution.