Save Fermoy Weir - Save our Salmon

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Because of a breach on the weir down river from Fermoy bridge which is continually getting worse over the last two years this needs to be reinstated/repaired immediately, at the same time as building a new fish pass which has been an issue for over 15 years. A further delay in having this work done is not acceptable to us and we now want immediate action.


As a direct result from the breach on the weir during normal low water conditions the flow of water through the Salmon Pass is virtually non-existent and also no water flows over the majority weir at these times and as a direct result the Salmon cannot get upriver as they are trapped in a small pool near the breach on the weir as they are faced with is at least a 6 foot vertical wall at this point.


There could be a huge number of fish enter this pool at times and they then remain there as they have no place to get up river to continue their migration as they become stressed here from attempting to jump the weir as they try and find their way upriver, they are also become very stressed as they are easy targets in this pool by angling activities.


This breach is having a huge effect on the rowing and has made it dangerous in some areas for the children rowing and coaches in the safety boats as water levels up river are up to 18 inches shallower because of the breach on the weir, this is also affecting many other river users in this area, the Wheelie Boat for people with Disabilities, the Triathlon Club, Swim Club, Sub Agua, Angling Clubs, Canoe Club.


This Weir is a protected structure so this needs to be restored/repaired immediately at the same time as building the long awaited promised new fish pass to ensure the free safe passage of all migratory fish which none of us seen plans for yet but we are told there are plans for this. As a protected structure this is legislated by Irish Law as well as in European Law for migratory fish as this river is a designated Special Area of Conservation SAC.


Reinstate/Repair the Weir & Build New Fish Pass;


We Demand, Minister of State Seán Kyne for The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment to act immediately by commencing all the necessary works to reinstate/repair the breach on the weir and to build the new fish pass to help protect these very vulnerable fish at this stage in their migration. We need to protect this valuable amenity for all our river users locally the potential loss of economic revenue for all users on the river in the Blackwater system is very serious concern. We believe you the Minister can take immediate action under Section 115 and 116 of the 1959 Fisheries Consolidation Act.