REVOKE ALL DISMISSALS of any member of the Maori Women's Welfare League

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We SUPPORT this Petition ‘to revoke all dismissals of any member of the Māori Women’s Welfare League.’

We humbly assert that the current process and practice of dismissal in the League has no foundation in law or lore. It is a violation of the tikanga of the League.

‘It saddens me that following the High Court hearing on 2nd July, I was threatened with dismissal along with all nine of my witnesses – Māori women of mana and integrity.’

The current National President and some National Executive members, made that decision on their own on 27th May five weeks before the hearing.

‘My dismissal and seven others were then withdrawn, but only temporarily with the threat of permanent dismissal following the decision of the High Court. However, two dismissals have
allegedly been actioned but this is wrong. It is vindictive. There is ‘no objectively supportable factual foundation’ for the dismissals.’
These actions bring the League into disrepute.

Since 2014, under the current National President the culture of the League has changed and nearly five hundred Māori women have left the League. This is unprecedented.

We revere the legacy of our women leaders of the League, Te Arikinui Dame Te Ātairangikaahu whom I served as a Pastor, Dame Whina Cooper, whose daughter Whaea Hine Puru is my branch Patron, and Dame Mira Szaszy who was a mentor to generations in
the League and was like a daughter to the first Patron, Princess Te Puea. I can’t help but think ‘this would never have happened under their leadership’.

We pray for a return to respecting the mana of all Māori women.

Tatou Tatou
Pauline Rewiti
Te Rongopai Branch MWWL
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