"Prosecutors, throw in the towel!" - Don't prevent the retrial of Iwao Hakamada!

"Prosecutors, throw in the towel!" - Don't prevent the retrial of Iwao Hakamada!

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On March 27, 2014, Shizuoka District Court decided to withhold the death sentence and detainment, and commence a retrial of the innocent death row inmate, Iwao Hakamada. This decision has allowed Mr. Hakamada, who had been held at the Tokyo Detention House as a death row convict, to be released for the first time in 48 years.

However, due to the objection (immediate appeal) by prosecutors, the retrial was placed on hold, and Tokyo High Court has spent approximately 4 years on this examination of such commencement. Given the above, the Tokyo High Court is scheduled to render within this month its decision on the approval of the retrial.

We are certain that the Tokyo High Court will approve the commencement of the retrial, but if prosecutors object further and raise a special appeal to the Supreme Court, the retrial will again be placed on hold.

"Too miserable it is, to not have false charges cleared while alive."

The above is a line from Mr. Hakamada's diary during his imprisonment. Arrested at 30 years old, Mr. Hakamada was separated from his child and learned of the death of his parents while in prison. Mr. Hakamada is now 82 years old, and his sister Ms. Hideko Hakamada, who is requesting the retrial, is 85 years old. There is not one moment to waste in order to fulfill Mr. Hakamada's wish to "prove innocence while alive".

The Japan Pro Boxing Association Hakamada Iwao Supporting Committee has supported Mr. Hakamada, a former professional boxer, for a long time. This committee has organized Immediate Action "Prosecutors, throw in the towel!", to demand the immediate commencement of the retrial.

*"Throwing in the towel" means to forfeit or end a fight in boxing.

To be specific, in the case Tokyo High Court rejects the immediate appeal by prosecutors and approves the commencement of the retrial, we will urge the Minister of Justice, Ms. Yoko Kamikawa, to direct the Prosecutor-General to have prosecutors in charge stop making a special appeal, and further demand that the Procecutor-General and the Superintending Prosecutor of Tokyo High Prosecutors Office give up the special appeal.


We ask for all of your support, to prevent the special appeal by prosecutors!

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