Justice for Zakariyya Islam. Petition to the Minister of Justice

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Justice for Zakariyya Islam

Petition to the Minister of Justice

Zakariya Islam, a pillar of the community, a loving father to three young daughters, a black taxi driver by day, much loved, and highly respected in East London, was brutally and senselessly murdered in September 2015 during a frenzied knife attack in his office in Whitechapel. To our utter disgust and horror, rather than face a criminal trial and face punishment for what was a heinous act, his killer was sectioned under the Mental Health Act 1983 (amended in 2007) for treatment rather than being appropriately dealt with by the Criminal Justice System.

We have now learnt that he may be released back into the community in November 2018. This is just three years after he brutally murdered Zakariyya and justice has not been served. He was previously arrested for stabbing and the historic lack of appropriate care provisions and close supervision makes his possible release now all the more serious and deeply worrying for the community. This was a sophisticated and pre-planned murder not consistent with anyone who has suffers from mental disease.


We demand that Zakariyya’s murderer is not released into the community as he potentially poses a risk to the victim’s family and members of the public.

We demand justice for Victims' families at the First Tier Tribunals (Mental Health). 

We demand a change in the law to make the tribunal processes truly open and transparent, and to better serve the needs of the victims and their family, and not only those of the so-called mentally disordered criminal offender.