Accelerate Processing of Home Child caregiver & Support Worker

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During past decades, overseas caregivers had played a crucial role in the economy of Canada by offering their caregiving service to children and parents of Canadians. With their help, Canadians can focus their jobs or other areas of their life they value. The vital importance of caregivers is shown by the exemption of overseas caregivers who plan to enter Canada during the pandemic period. 

With the implementation of the Home Child Caregiver and Home Support Worker pilot on June 18, 2019, the processing time has been delayed to 1 year as stipulated by the IRCC website. The first anniversary of the new pilot is approaching, yet we have not recorded new work visas issued by IRCC.  It is appalling to know the Edmonton processing office has just started processing the applications delivered on DEC 27, 2019.  Almost six months of filing time plus 1-year processing time mean the new pilot could take more than a year and a half to implement when the need is now. 

With the gradual recovery of the Canadian economy after the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the immediate need for caregivers will be the new normal for most Canadians. Without prompt settlement of overseas caregivers, there is no prosperity of the Canadian economy in the era of post-pandemic. 

Let's act and press the IRCC to accelerate the processing of Home Child Caregiver & Home Support Worker applications. We must be the force that helps Canada recover!

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