Petition for Juliana Costa Fernandes Partner Visa Exception

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My name is Juliana and I am 37 years old and from Brazil.

I arrived in NZ approximatetly 3 years ago with the intent of studying English, commenced working and during this time found my true love Armindo and decided to stay.  Armindo was born in Brazil, however he has lived in Queenstown since 2006 which he now calls home and was granted his Permanent Residency a few years ago.

As we are very happy together, we decided to get married and start our family as we both really wanted children and to build our lives in Queenstown. We were very happy preparing for our wedding and it was an exciting time sharing in this with our family.  Unfortunately life was to take different turn and I discovered a lump in my Right Breast when I was having a shower. I contacted my GP and had a biopsy of the lump which was taken in January 2018.

Shockingly I received a diagnosis of aggressive breast cancer 2 days before one of the happiest day of my life – my wedding.  At the time it felt as though my whole life had suddenly changed, how could I go ahead with our wedding? I could not imagine putting Armindo through all of this as I didn’t know what the future would hold now that I was fighting for my life. 

Armindo told me that he was going to stand by me as our love was so strong and we would get through this together. So our marriage was a real commitment to each other and I feel so lucky to have found him and to call him my husband.  Surrounded by family and friends we put our love for each other first and celebrated our wedding.

After the wedding we had to face the doctors and hear about what the treatment would be and the side effects. After over one year of chemotherapy sessions, surgery, radiotherapy where I finally could see the light of getting on with living again, life suddenly got even harder as I had my work visa declined a couple days ago. New Zealand Immigration declined renewal of my Work Visa Application: “We have declined your application for a work visa because you do not meet the requirements set out in the work immigration instructions”.

Once again I am feeling quite isolated and scared about what our future holds.

I feel very lucky to have received the help and support that I have been given by the Health Care, Cancer Society, and Armindo, friends / family and the local community. As some of you may know, I organised a big charity event on December 2018 to raise money for Cancer Society. It was great, we raised approx. $3,500 to support the local Cancer Society, but also used this event to spread words of comfort for those who are in the same situation as me.  You may have also seen my story in the Crux Charity competition to try and win more money to help those affected by cancer in the Wakatipu community. There is still plenty more we want to do, but now I need your help to send this petition to the Minister of Immigration Mr. Iain Lees-Galloway. We would like to ask for an exceptional approval to apply for a Medical Waiver for a partner of a New Zealand Resident visa so that I can stay with my husband Armindo.

According to NZ Immigration law and rules, Armindo would be eligible to support my Partner Visa in June 2021, however in the interim I been instructed to leave the country on the 3rd of April 2019.  So essentially I now have to leave all my dreams and plans behind, go back to Brazil and be away from my new life with my husband - which would be devastating for both of us.

I kindly ask your help, with your support I can ask Mr Galloway for his consideration to allow me the opportunity for my case to be reviewed so that I stay and continue to work in the Wakatipu and build a life with my husband.


Thank you so much.


Juliana Costa Fernandes

15th of March 2019