CPR and First Aid Training made compulsory for all physically able teachers & SNAs

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Children are Dying in schools,.

With the increase of 15 people a day dying with sudden death Syndrome and 125 people choking a year we cant take the safety of our children seriously enough.

Did you know that  all Teachers  DO NOT have to have first aid training and are NOT OBLIGED to treat our children in the event of needing first aid and CPR

 The Government must provide Funding for all Schools to avail of CPR training in the country and make it COMPULSORY for all physically able school teachers to complete CPR training to ensure the safety of our children. 

I am the mother of a 6 year old girl called Isabelle who has apnoea which means she can stop breathing at any stage and has died on several occasions. She was born premature at 28 weeks and the first time she stopped breathing was in her 6 year old brothers arms and he used his cpr training which he learned in the Irish red Cross to save her live.  

 Real fear hit home with me when Isabelle started school and I released she could actually die in school as the first few seconds are vital to get her back and not all teachers are trained or obliged to save her life.

 Recently one 10 year old child in Co Down died from sudden death Syndrome and there was one near fatal death of a 9 year old in Dublin but the Principal started CPR straight away and with the use of a defibrillator thankfully that child was saved.

According to the Irish Heart Foundation- 15 people a day die from sudden death syndrome and 125 people die a year from choking thats one too many.

  I am hoping that Occupational first aid training will become compulsory for all physically able teachers and SNAs and will be fully funded by the government and will be known as Isabelles Law.(The Law that saves lives and empowers teachers & SNAs ) 

We need to stand together to ensure the safety of our children.Please help bring out Isabelles Law( the law that saves lives and empowers teachers & SNAs) to stop any more deaths of children in schools.