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Saving Our Young Adults from Addiction & Mental Ilness

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We need change ASAP!!! the new human rights law for mentally ill people has to change , Because some of the worst and most mentally ill CANNOT see how ill they are and Should not be able to make decisions for themselves simple by answering two questions and answering no , Parents of adult children who have become mentally ill should have rights too , we should have rights to be able to speak our words and voice and at least be interviewed by organizations to voice our opinions and our life we shared with the individual, it's not right that a parent who raised a person for 20 yrs has no access to this person when they become ill , that we get no information anymore to help them , our system has help for everything , but for mentally ill young adults that no longer can think for themselves and are very sick , they have nothing !!!! only this stupid new law that the mentally ill have human rights and for that they are all over our streets , most suffering , most all undiagnosed getting worse and worse dangerous because they are not treated ect ... this has to change .., My own son has been sick for the last 5 yrs started in late teens with addiction and progressed more and more until he became mentally ill and now with over 12  arrests , homelessness , jail , ect he's a person that is unrecognizable !!! severely ill , suicide attempts ect .. I could go on forever , yet I'm ignored  , no help , no info , nothing at all ,coast , police , mental health Hamilton , coart system ect has never once helped me ...  he has a family who wants to be heard and who love him yet , the system abuses him , police beat him up.  They release him from hospital , put him in segregation in jail and abuse him .... .......families need to be involved and have rights to our adult children enough is enough ..  plesse sign so we.can get this rule changed ... 

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