Stop killing the deer to eradicate them completely from Mayne island BC.

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Stop killing the deer to eradicate them completely from Mayne island BC. They have the right to live here as we do.
Please, you as environmentalists, compassionate and pro-life for animals, please help to send this petition to Honorable Doug Donaldson, Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development of BC, who has changed the law, allowing the killing of deer on Mayne Island without previous notice to the citizens of Mayne. Please sign the petition to help return the hunting ban to Mayne Island.
The BC government plans to kill the deer completely from Mayne Island. It's not fair. They have as much right to live here as we do.
This problem started in the 1980's when the BC Ministry of Agriculture allowed a local farmer to raise European Fallow Deer on Mayne Island. Now, the deer are the ones who pay with their lives. It is irresponsibility and a mistake that the Ministry of Agriculture committed. For more information about this story...
Some people say, there is deer overpopulation. But, why kill them? Why not relocate them to another place? Why not use birth control? The principal cause of the extinction of the animals is caused by the human being. Why is so difficult for the government to find another solution? Why is so necessary to put the animals in distress, with a lot of pain before they die, with barbaric methods? All of this is because the government receives a lot of money from taxes by the hunting industry?
I read on the internet that there is a Vancouver-based ecology organization, Lifeforce, which has offered to supply all the information and expertise needed to deal with the situation without killing the deer, yet none of the councils have replied to their offer.
Source of information...
Supposedly some people say, the deer destroy the vegetation on the island. This is what the Mayne Island Fallow Deer Committee is saying to the islanders in Mayne.
I have verified that it is not true. On my property they have always passed and eat a bit of wild fruit and leave without doing any destruction to my property for years. There is more destruction to the environment with pollution, garbage and the indiscriminate cutting trees down, that the human being is doing.
If people complain that the deer eats everything from their properties, Solution= please put up a fence!!
The size of Mayne Island is not suitable for hunting. In the past few years there have been several incidents. The hunters show no moderation and this can lead to fatal consequences. I have witnessed gunfire near to my house, and dogs that furiously run after little deer to kill them, and no one controls the dogs.
Who is going to control these shooters to do things legally? Who guarantees security on the island, without fatal incidents?
What we are teaching to our children and the new generations? A society without values? That the only way to find solutions is killing animals?
Everyone wants to live in a better place, without violence, not killing, with peace.
Why don't start now, protecting the deer. The only thing they want is to live!