Replace Rutland Middle School

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Rutland Middle School is 70 years old and needs to be replaced. The building is too small for the student population with 10 portables being used for 40% of the students. There is only 1 girls bathroom and 1 boys bathroom for the whole school (including the portables). There is no wheelchair access to the second floor, where the library and many classrooms are. This forces students who need wheelchair access to go to a different middle school than their friends. The building is facing multiple upgrading needs that would cost at least 5 million dollars. The local school board started  asking for a replacement 10 years ago and the Ministry of Education needs to come through. There have been many multi million dollar projects completed in our school district over the past few years where new schools have been built or even expanded and renovated but Rutland Middle School continues to be ignored and in turn it is degrading. Please sign our petition and help the students, teachers and community get the school that they deserve!