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Let's stop using the term "Learning Disability"

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An estimated 20% of people learn differently in an academic setting compared to their peers.  They are currently referred to and labelled by doctors, educators and the public as "Learning Disabled."  

By dictionary definition, "disabled" means impaired, injured or incapacitated.  Those 3 words have meanings that include the words: deficient, weakened, diminished, damaged, incompetent, inadequate, wounded and unable. (ref:

So-called learning disabled individuals include: Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Richard Branson, Winston Churchill, John Lennon and Walt Disney.  Clearly, they were not unable to learn!

All of these references are negative, demoralizing and untrue.  Some individuals simply have differences in how they process language, hear things, see words, express themselves... these differences do not make them disabled!  

People who learn differently are diminished first and only by these negative references; especially when we allow the label of "Learning Disabled" to define them so early in life. It sets up society to expect less of them, leads to pity and ridicule from others, and a lack of internal confidence in themselves.

My 11 year old son, Adam, is tired of people using this label to characterize him and others who are perfectly capable of learning.  He says vehemently, "NO ONE has a learning disability!  There are just people who learn differently." It is his conviction that leads me to start this petition on his behalf, and for the millions of friends and family among us who have been labelled by the doctors and educators on whom we rely for guidance and support.

Let's start changing this negative perception and abolish the use of this demoralizing term in our education and health systems.  Let's do it for individuals who deserve to be recognized for the greatness they are capable of achieving- because they learn differently. People who learn differently than what is currently prescribed in an academic setting are NOT damaged, deficient, incapacitated, inadequate or unable in any way!  And they are only diminished in as much as we persist in using negative terms to describe them.

Please sign this petition and pass it on!  My son, Adam, and I will use it to get the attention of our leaders to stop using this negative label in our health and education systems.

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