Changes in corrections

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The families who have lost a loved one within our jails are uniting together for changes that are so desperately needed. Too many men and women have died within our Provincial Remand Centers from Overdoses, Suicide and Murder. Some of the changes we seek are,

- offenders upon arrival are properly assessed  for Mental Illness or Addiction.

- once a person has been properly assessed  they have a treatment plan that treats their illness. 

- inmates need to have some kind of stimulation either through books, physical activity or some kind of educational courses

- we need to address the drugs entering our jails. We all know how they get in, now we have to stop it. 

- guards need to have more support. Quite a few offenders that are in our system are violent. These offenders should be separated from non-violent offenders. We need to come up with a way that guards are kept safe when at work dealing with these violent offenders.

These are just a sample of some of the changes we would liked to have done.