Convert the Board of Trade Golf Course to a Provincial Park

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The proposed development of the Board of Trade Golf Course will dramatically change the quality of life of our mature community.  Traffic gridlock will choke us and create an unsafe environment for our school children.  The mental and physical health benefits of open spaces have been demonstrated and proven to be actual preventative measures that impact positively on health care and health care costs. Vaughan needs to introduce a Notice of Intention to Designate the Board of Trade Golf Course as a cultural heritage landscapes site under Part IV, section 29 of the Ontario Heritage Act. The City should use this Notice as a step to amend the Official Plan to update existing heritage policies particularly as concerns cultural heritage landscapes.

I have lived in the neighbourhood for 28 years.  My friends and I take long walks down Clarence Ave., the road transversing the golf course.  The relaxing, scenic walks are something we look forward to every night.  All this and more will be forever changed if we allow the inappropriate destruction of open space.  We love our neighbourhood and don't want it changed because provincial policies promote intensification - we are the citizens who live in the neighbourhood and we want to live and maintain a good quality of life.  

I believe in convincing the Province to take action on this issue and protect our rights to continue living in a mature neighbourhood.  The streets were not designed to accommodate additional traffic.  Woodbridge is gridlocked! 

This initiative is to petition the Provincial government to convert the Board of Trade Golf Course in Woodbridge as a Provincial Park.  Forever protecting and conserving the area for as an open space.