Save Cockburn Sound from the Outer Harbour and protect pink Snapper breeding zone

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We are  expressing our opposition to the proposed Outer Harbour in Cockburn Sound.

Cockburn Sound is a special place to many West Australians and has been for generations, we hope that it will continue to be such a place forever.

Besides being the most important breeding site for pink snapper in the whole West Coast Bioregion, it is also home to breeding populations and nursery grounds for squid, King George whiting, crabs and crayfish, amongst others.

This level of importance to West Australians, was demonstrated during the snapper kill of 2015. This resulted in many concerned anglers and other like-minded people, many that had never attended any rallies before, to make a stand and say, enough is enough.

The recreational fishing community also put its hand in our collective pockets and funded restocking to make up for some of the losses.

This development, especially the dredging, will put these stocks under great threat and possibly remove structure from important spawning sites. This is unacceptable to me as a recreational angler, and it would undo in one stroke of the pen, Years of restrictions, size limits, seasonal closures and bag limits. All of this will have been for nought if this goes ahead.


Now we are making another stand, and saying, Save our Sound.

This same area is also a feeding ground and habitat for Great white sharks, Fairy Penguins, Australian Sealion’s, Bottle nose Dolphins and migrating Whales and Seabirds. Many of these are protected under International, Commonwealth, and State Laws, and Regulations

Please stop this travesty before it goes any further, cancel plans for the Outer Harbour in the Sound as there are much better and safer alternatives, including modernising and expanding the Port of Fremantle and/or Regional Ports such as Geraldton and Bunbury.

Even by Treasuries estimates this development is not needed for possibly decades as Fremantle Port is at less than 50% capacity.

The job losses that will result from moving operations to Cockburn Sound, from the Port of Fremantle would be very high, and that in itself should also be a good enough reason to not proceed.

I trust that you will consider this matter carefully and find your way to our side of thinking?