Stop The Closure of Cleanit Greenit

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Cleanit Greenit Composting System Inc. (Cleanit Greenit) provides an environmentally valuable product, diverts waste away from landfills, and has supported community non-profit initiatives for 20 years. 

Cleanit Greenit is continuing to reduce tonnage coming into the site and on-site tonnage to achieve balance. With this petition we ask that Cleanit Greenit be allowed to remain open so that the company can finance a move to a new location, which should take no more than three years. We ask that Alberta Environment and Parks remove the enforcement order (EO-2011/03-NR) to allow Cleanit Greenit to do this, as the order prevents Cleanit Greenit from getting financing. 

We, the undersigned, call upon the Minister of Alberta Environment and Parks to provide support in stopping the closure of Cleanit Greenit Composting System Inc.; to support Cleanit Greenit's continued composting services; to facilitate a resolution to the odour complaints while keeping Edmonton's compost industry alive; and to treat the company based on the facts, not false online allegations and misrepresentations. Shutting down Cleanit Greenit would leave the Edmonton region without any composting facilities.

Cleanit Greenit:

  • makes a significant positive impact on waste reduction in the province, and provides a valuable service to local businesses and nearby municipalities,
  • has reduced 527,000 tonnes of greenhouse gasses since the site opened in 1999, which is equivalent to 114,612 passenger vehicles driven for one year,
  • diverts 80 tonnes of waste everyday (We have diverted 460,000 tonnes of waste away from landfills to date), 
  • has reduced odour by 80% since 2020. Research has shown that odours emanating from the west end of Edmonton are the result of multiple sources, including operational activities of other businesses in the area, incomplete sewers, recycling plants, pet food manufacturing, oil and gas wells, road constructions, Big Lake sewage lift-station as well as others,
  • will be the third compost site in Alberta to be shut down by Alberta Environment and Parks; yet no oil and gas wells, pet food facilities, wastewater treatment plants, marijuana plants or other odour-producing facilities have been shut down.

For more information about Cleanit Greenit and the facts about west-end odours, visit

If you want to help more, send an email to Alberta Environment and Parks Minister, Jason Nixon. Tell him you are against the closure of Cleanit Greenit and ask him to remove the order so Cleanit Greenit can get financing for a new site. You can reach the Minister’s office at: