Compulsory Drug Testing at any accident in QLD

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Drug testing in an accident is not Compulsory in QLD but it is in other States. At any accident including Fatal, the Driver may not be tested so their reaction time may not be normal as they are under the influence.

Make the law that anyone involved in any accident in QLD is automatically Alcohol and Drug Tested

I started this petition, because… I want to try and get some changes to the law in Queensland and it can only be done if the people speak out.

During the process of the investigation into my son Brads accident which he didn't survive, I have found out that the Driver was never drug tested. Brad was tested as he was taken to hospital. I have now found out that its not law in Queensland for a driver in an accident to be drug tested. It is in other states but not Queensland. Now the driver may have had no drugs in his system I am not saying he did but he had admitted on a previous occasion to using. My argument is that because he wasn't drug tested at the scene as there were no officers there qualified to do the test, and it was not compulsory anyway, is that the outcome may have been different as his reactions may have been slower if he had used. I know its to late to change things for Brad but its not for other victims of accidents.

I want the law changed so its compulsory to drug and alcohol test all drivers involved in any accident not just fatal ones. When speaking to the officers involved in this investigation last night we were told it takes the voice of the people to do this and also getting onto MP. I have written to the local MP in my area but I ask that if you agree with me that it should be changed so its like other States then can you please contact your local MP, sign this petition and get your friends in QLD to also write to their MP. This means alot to me as I don't want some other family to go through what I am going through not knowing if things could have been different. There are also two beautiful children who now have no Father and I want this for them too so they too know that their Dads life was not a wasted life.