Help save East Gippsland from mineral sands mine.

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To stop and curtail the development of the mineral sands mine at the Fingerboards, Glenaladale.

Why did a huge company like Rio Tinto walk away from these supposed mineral sands?

By stopping the creation of this mine you will save the existence of the farming enterprises and properties, the livelihoods of the residents of East Gippsland, the pollution of the water supply to East Gippsland, the pollution of the Gippsland Lakes system, the pollution of the air. This 'Food bowl', sheep, cattle and dairy farming area covers over 200 square kilometres and produces food for Australia, not just East Gippsland.

The mining company Kalbar Mineral Resources has admitted it will not be able to control the dust or the ingress of polluted water into the soil and finally running into the Mitchell River, which is the water supply for Bairnsdale and surrounding districts, as well as flowing into the Gippsland Lakes system. This heavy mineral dust will travel 10's of kms from the mine site. The air movement in this area is generally from west to east, the proposed mine is at the western tip of the area, when I say tip I mean bordering. You can work out what is going to happen here.

The processing of these mineral sands requires millions of litres of water, where is this water coming from, at the moment this petition is written the 'Food Bowl' farmers are on level 9 restrictions and level 10 means that the water is shut off to the irrigators.

This mine will force families to move away from the area, after it has polluted the air, the drinking water, dug up the aquifers which the cattle, sheep and dairy farming enterprises rely on for their existence, farmers are going to be forced off the land and deprived of their livelihoods because the land is going to become unworkable and non- productive, without water and polluted by heavy metals. Some farmers have been told to leave the land now and the mine has not been approved yet!

It is important that every citizen of East Gippsland realise that they are going to be adversely affected by this mine, directly and in directly.