Stop the Douglas Shire Council from purchasing unwanted Carbon Credits

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On the 18th June 2019, The Douglas Shire Council passed a motion to enter into a transaction to purchase Carbon Reef Credits through a consortium of Qantus, Green Collar and Tourism Port Douglas Daintree Ltd. We the people of the Douglas Shire believe  that the Council has not operated in due process that ensures the financial and beneficial interests of the local community. No open community consultation occurred to discuss this process or any plan of becoming Carbon Neutral and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars doing so. No procurement procedures were followed into this high risk and expensive project. No transparency in the transaction has occurred showing any confirmed benefits to the residents and ratepayers,and there are extreme antidotes of bias to the seller being a long-term friend of the majority of councillors. The current Mayor and Mike Berwick ( Green Collar) have along personal and business history, and at times were fellow board members in a group (Terrain) that shares a vested interest view in this transaction. We the people being a resident, ratepayer  or person with an invested interest in the Douglas Shire do not approve of this transaction and request that the Minister intervenes to cease this project immediately whilst the process of this matter is properly investigated and the community are consulted appropriately . We believe that the Mayor has mislead the  residents and  ratepayers of the Shire by saying that the entire Shire would be Carbon Neutral  when in fact it is only the Council office that will qualify to be Carbon Neutral.