Grant 4yr old Cal an Australian Residency Visa

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 Craig and Karen Wells ADOPTED Cal as a toddler to save him from being given to a village in PNG by his biological parents.But despite their ongoing efforts, the Immigration Department have denied him a permanent residence visa in Australia.

It’s frightening - if little Cal’s deported they will be deporting two Australian Citizens with him.  He’s such a happy and cheeky kid, it’s heartbreaking to think his life could now get ripped apart..

Craig and Karen have made several visa applications and been to Ministerial Intervention where Mr Dutton granted another Visitors visa application with clear instructions as to what was required by them before the visa expired - All requirements have been painstakingly met and the end result being a legal and binding adoption in PNG National Court - however their last Visa application (an Adoption Visa) was yesterday 16/08/2018 rejected by the department giving them 34 days left before Cal is to leave the country.

And what’s more shameful is that the Immigration Department have told media they’re “aware of the case”, but aren’t acting. Immigration Minister, please, we urgently need you to grant this little boy residency with his Australian parents.

Please sign and share, a little boy’s life is at stake.