Stop restaurants from overcharging for packaging and delivery on Swiggy

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Swiggy, the food home delivery service has made lives quite easy for all of us.
Initially, there were no extra charges for orders less than a certain minimum amount and we all thought we had found our hunger saviour.

Getting food from your favourite restaurant was super easy and cheap.
That is, until GST was implemented.

First we ended up paying a ghastly amount of up to 18% of GST on food orders and then it was reduced to 5% which made it much more reasonable.

But restaurants found a way around this and introduced something called 'packaging charges' as a way to compensate for reduced GST pricing.

A lot of restaurants charge variedly for orders and a lot of them charge absurd amounts like 19.05 INR, 24.78 depending on the value of the order.

How exactly is this calculated? (If you do the math and add the GST charges, you can see that the amount is close to 18% of the order value which is along the lines of the previous GST rates.

The containers used for packaging the items cost next to NOTHING to the restaurants who buy them in bulk but they are fleecing us by charging us 30-40 times more than what it costs them. How is this fair?

As consumers we would like the justification for the same and fixing of a particular ceiling for the amount they are allowed to charge as packaging charges.