Give Personhood rights to mangroves along Indian coastline, similar to Ganga, & now Amazon

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Mangroves, the lungs of our environment, are being mercilessly hacked away, smothered under debris, to make space for more and more construction.

In cities greedy for space, this is apparently even being driven by institutions of the local government. Ironically, the central government has always claimed publicly that it  gives great weightage to protection of the environment.

Why can't all development happen strictly within land boundaries, and the mangroves along the shoreline be left alone, especially as they play such a crucial role in conserving climate? The Central Government was creative in giving Personhood rights to the Holy Ganga. Today, the Amazon river too has been granted Personhood rights.

Now, the Central Government must walk the talk and, in one fell stroke, swiftly ban all mangrove destruction by giving all mangroves along the Indian shoreline Personhood rights, i.e., recognize the rights of mangroves to exist and thrive!

This would not only save the mangroves and improve the quality of air everywhere, but would decrease chances of calamities like flooding in cities along coastline, and also bring back precious flora and fauna (flamingo, etc) that we are rapidly losing.