Close shop doors - cut down energy waste and carbon emissions.

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The window on climate change has almost closed as CO2 rises - official ! We have been told this by the UN.

Not an easy problem to solve. HOWEVER, one simple measure that would really help is this. - Closing a shop door in winter saves up to 50%  in energy uses and carbon emissions. If all shops on the high street did this the saving would be immense. We can not have the luxury of heating our streets  when so much is at stake - time is not on our side. Shops do not want to do this because they think it will affect their business. Research has shown, it will not. 

Many politicians and scientists support the Close the Door campaign. Can you do it too - PLEASE.

Shops won't do this on their own, legislation or fines need to be imposed. We need doors that CLOSE.    Sign this petition and support  Close the Door. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you !