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Mulesing is still an endorsed in the new sheep welfare standards!

Glenda McIntyre

Mar 24, 2016 — This is a disgrace & still enables uncaring farmers to mules and refrain from any pain relief! Check page 20 at this link
New Merino Certified Growers totally refrain from mulesing.
and embrace the 5 freedoms promoted by the RSPCA
Wangaratta Woollen Mills only deals with ethical non-mulesed wool.
There is no reasonable excuse for mulesing when ethical farmers who don't mules have no fly strike problem. Let's pressure the government to change their 2016 Standards and Guidelines for sheep and put an end to mulesing. Let's promote a boycott of mulesed wool. Thank you for all your efforts so far. Please share the petition and promote others to join us in calling for an end to mulesing.


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