Stop Underground Coal Gasification in Adnyamathanha Yarta South Australia

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Please help us to stop this dangerous Undergound Codl Gasification (UCG) from happening in our Yarta (country)

We said NO, we voted unanimously to not allow UCG in our Yarta. But they didnt listen, they approved a trial plant and this has failed! Now the company has a suspension to try to reignite the coal. This must be stopped!

They are reigniting Yurlu's Coal.  Leigh Creek is where our Law started, it is a very important place for us but the government of today wont listen.  This is a major part of Yurlu's trail, they saved the Kokoda Trail but they are destroying Yurlu's Trail that is thousands of years old.

The government and the company say its just an old coal mine site, well the Kokoda Trail is just a track but they wont let that be effected at all!!  Yurlu's Coal is sacred to us and this is a very important part of his trail.

We asked for protection under the Aboriginal Heritage Act but the Premier who has responsibility for Aboriginal Affairs, hand-balled it to the Treasurer who of course denied our request for protection.

Stopping this is vital to our cultural and human survival!  Please help us!

It is not safe, it has been banned around the world and in Queensland, where Linc Energy reportedly caused the "biggest environmental disaster in Queensland's history".

We believe it will poison our air, our water and our land and therefore our people and our visitors for miles around the Leigh Creek area.

They must be stopped.  Please sign the petition but also ring Minister Dan Van Holst Pellekaan on (08) 8642 3633 and