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No mink farm in Placentia Junction!

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Dear Minister Crummell:

I am very concerned after recently learning of a proposed mink farm to be built in the Placentia Junction area by Viking Fur Inc. (Reg. 1772). My concerns, and the concerns of the majority of liviers and cabin-owners in the area (numbering over 300 cabins), are the same concerns that the citizens of Cavendish have had over the last several years, which have prompted them to vehemently complain about the mink farm in their area.

Mink farms create intensely offensive odours. Odours will significantly and negatively influence the peace and enjoyment that one looks for when using a cabin.

Mink farms attract a large amount of flies because they are drawn to the fishmeal, excrement and composting of mink carcasses.

Mink farms also attract rats and foxes.

Mink often escape from their cages and create further inconvenience to cabin-owners and danger to small pets, as well as the local bird population. Escaping mink will undoubtedly be a danger to existing poultry farms in the area, as well.

Furthermore, the people I have spoken with in the area are very upset with what would appear to be an attempt to have this proposed farm “slip under the radar” of those potentially affected the most by the proposal. To the best of my knowledge, news and invitations for concerns was done through the newspaper called The Compass. This paper covers the south Trinity Bay and North Conception Bay areas. The majority of cabin-owners in Placentia Junction, reside in St. John’s and the Placentia Bay areas. Also, having the deadline for public reactions and concerns set for December 31, 2014, makes one suspect that many people will not know or might be too busy to respond during the Christmas season. Also, the decision date is currently set for January 3, 2015, which doesn't give much time for people's concerns to be considered.

As a caring Canadian citizen, a tax payer, an animal lover and a person who cares deeply about the environment, I see no place for mink farming in Newfoundland and Labrador, in Canada, or the World. I strongly oppose the suggested location for Viking Fur Inc.'s mink farm because of all the above mentioned reasons, but I also strongly oppose its existence anywhere. Minks are sentient beings who feel fear, pain and great distress, just like human beings. It only takes a moment to type in 'mink farming' to Google Images to find hundreds of profoundly disturbing images pertaining to this industry. Is this what we want to financially and morally support? I feel that the public have not been given adequate information because the government realizes this is a very unsavoury industry that would be very unpopular with people in the surrounding area.

I submit these public comments as requested by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and contend that the application should be denied for the reasons stated herein.



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