SAY NO to Single Plastics & Styrofoam in Trinidad & Tobago!

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Josephine Ache-De Goulard started this petition to Minister Camille Robinson-Regis

Trinidad and Tobago had a waste generation rate of 700,000 tonnes on an annual basis, or 1.5 kilograms per capita per day”. Further, “it is estimated by 2020, the country will be generating 1.4 million tonnes of municipal solid waste per year at this rate”.

Trinidad and Tobago is blessed with a diversity of landforms such as rolling hills, expansive flood plains, mountains and rocky cliffs. However, one of the most popular physical features that we regularly enjoy is our sandy beaches. Beaches are formed from a build-up of loose sediments, usually sand or silt along a body of water. Sediments can settle from crashing waves, gusts of wind and streams of water. Sandy beaches are great tourist attractions, offering spaces for business, social events and personal leisure. They are important areas of recreation. However, during recreational usage, people may leave behind more than their footprints, sometimes unintentionally. At a beach lime, patrons may bring single use plastic plates, spoons, forks, toys, containers and bags. Improper disposal of these items or leaving them behind contributes to coastal debris pollution. Coastal debris can also transition towards marine debris if these items are taken by the sea.

It is our job both as citizens as well as individuals to take up our respective responsibilities for our waste disposal and be the one that change MUST begin with. I also think it is also important for us to educate our citizens, get nationwide campaigns going! get education into our schooling system on the importance of this issue. It is the only way we can begin to create a better tomorrow.

Dangers of Single Plastic Usage:

Cause of environmental pollution
Made from fossil fuels
Problematic degradation
Not easy to recycle
Killing wildlife & Marine Life
Harmful to human health
High costs for cleanup
Come with external costs
why continue to use such products when they are so many more superior Biodegradable products on the markets today.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!