Justice for Cláudia

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After six years, police officers accused of the murder of Cláudia Ferreira have not still been judged or punished.

Cláudia da Silva Ferreira was shot while was going to buy bread for her family. Her body was thrown in the trunk of a PM (Military Police) vehicle, the door opened, and the woman was dragged for 300 meters.

At the time, three policemen were arrested, but were released days later. Two of them had, in the past, records of homicides resulting from police intervention, according to the Civil Police. But only in March 2019, five years after the crime, there was the first hearing of the case.

Two of the PMs, Captain Rodrigo Medeiros Boaventura, who commanded the patrol, and Sergeant Zaqueu de Jesus Pereira Bueno, are responsible for Cláudia's murder. After the hearings, Judge Alexandre Abrahão Dias Teixeira will decide whether the pair will go to the popular jury. The retired lieutenants Adir Serrano and Rodney Archanjo, Sergeant Alex Sandro da Silva and Corporal Gustavo Ribeiro Meirelles are responsible for the crime of procedural fraud, for having modified the crime scene, removing Cláudia, already dead, from Morro da Congonha. Everyone responds to the process in freedom.

Sourced from: https://mst.org.br/2020/03/17/apos-seis-anos-policiais-acusados-do-assassinato-de-claudia-ferreira-ainda-nao-foram-julgados-ou-punidos/