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Petição para
Ministério da Educação (MEC) e

A importância deste abaixo-assinado

Dear Ministry of Education, Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights and Ministry of Citizenship.

Our name is Ana Lívia, João Vitor, Maria Letícia, Maria Vitória e Raul Braga, we are students at IFCE and we live in Fortaleza, Ceará.

We have observed that prejudice and discrimination are cases we observe on a daily basis, in our country, unfortunately many lives are lost by living on the margins of society and not having basic rights granted to themselves. Furthermore, the police violence present in the communities is the reason for massacres that scare the population. It’s unacceptable that there are people who suffer death threats for loving, who are unable to enjoy their own rights that must be guaranteed by the Government and the Constitution. Social programs that are driven out of these communities by political feuds are a disgrace. It's an even greater shame to hear things from the Minister of Education and the President of the Republic that try to erase the history of our own nation and hide very important data that represent what must be changed, so that we can become a respectable nation among ourselves citizens and abroad. Something must be done in order to stop discrimination and prejudice, for all affected minorities. 

So, what is democracy? Democracy is a way of government that cherishes for the desire of the majority, but what about the desires of the minorities? The idea of following the will of the most people is awesome, because prevent from totalitarism, but in the other hand excludes the minorities, so, if we know that, let's think about it, is that fair? we should listen to the voice of the oppressed, they have their will and rights, so they must have their  wishes respected and taken in consideration. In the most part of the time, minorities have their rights disrespected, because of the current way of government, we need a better way to take decisions, some way that everyone have their voice listned.

We strongly recommend that there are proposals for intervention that help poor communities in our country, and that support people in situations that may suffer discrimination. LGBTQIA+ people deserve respect, and not ridiculous comments coming from the minister Damares Alves, who proclaims "a boy wears blue and a girl wears pink", which represent the height of ignorance. We need actions, not cute speeches to make headlines. We need bills that truly protect victims of prejudice. We don't need a volleyball player who propagates homophobia by taking on political roles. We need to preach more respect, and less disrespect. Actions such as aid for people who have been thrown out of their home, or who need to leave home to avoid aggression. Actions like sex education in schools, we need to protect children! We need to create generations even more open to the 21st century and to the changes and evolutions that it brings.

This disrespect and verbal violence that the minority of our country suffers daily through the speeches of our own ministers, our own president, and even among people who follow the foolish thinking they propagate needs to be changed. We can no longer accept that people in these situations are treated like scum, like numbers that help you get elected. We are people. We need food on the plate and vaccines in the arm! In the 21st century, our representatives must represent us, and do their job to ensure actions that actually change our reality for the better. Ignorance only slowed us down and brought us down. Ignoring these situations and the thousands of deaths by covid-19, by prejudice, by police violence (it is simply frightening is that there are people who praise the massacres in Favelas carried out by police, including the president) is a violation of human rights.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, strongly request that to our nation and our rulers, we demand our protection and laws that enable us to live as human beings! We need criminal comments that propagate homophobia, transphobia, violence, ignorance to be fought, not exalted. We need actions and not fallacies.

It is necessary to state that a problem will hardly be simply solved, in its entirety. However, we need to act on the reality we face today. In a school context, many children do not see in themselves deserving and ability to dream big or simply to grow. That's because they don't know of examples similar to yours, always used to sameness and misinformation.

It is disappointing to admit that there is still a romanticization of various types of prejudice against minorities, thousands still remain blindfolded in relation to the countless cases of discrimination while people lose lives for it. We need to be willing to open our minds and not allow the situation to escalate further in the future. We cannot remain silent.

Therefore, it is essential that the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights and Ministry of Citizenship start to really invest in the expansion of programs that, in fact, bring about changes and pay more attention to the more and more cases that continue to be ignored. For the Ministry of Education, one of our suggestions that we believe will bring a highly significant result in this context is the reformulation of the BNCC (Common National Curriculum Base), as well as the inclusion of books that address issues such as women's representation, respect, equality , racism and the LGBTQIA+ community, thus providing real knowledge of things that are part of our daily lives.

The mankind It’s indeed contradictory. At same the time the say gifted with reason and wisdom , can not give up of your foolish acts generated by the self-centeredness of them, without any reason. We believe that it’s worst form appears precisely in this theme, Discrimination and Prejudice. People tease, kill and deprive other people of your rights only by for “think they are wrong?” Only by they realize acts unacceptable for your ideals? Unfortunately, we can see our history with a lot of events moved by that foolish ideas. Wars, death and havoc cause by pure selfish acts. The great example of that ideas is on the Second Global War, with the holocaust and Hitler, which caused irreparable lost for the mind of people and your feelings. So, why few wanna repeat the worst errors of past, which caused only regress our conviviality and society.

So, we have to see the cruel and blooded lenses of past with our actually lenses, with this we will advance and arise our society. So, our ministries, with all the questions here elevated we humble desire revision in your administrations. They are really fair for all people? Only with harmony we can go forward, not thinking similar that they have realize the greats regress and bloodshed of mankind.


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