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What we fight against  and why:

We, students of 1L and of 1S, fight against the excessive consumption of meat which strikes the human populations, especially in our present century.

Do you know how  meat is produced nowadays? Due to the rising effect of globalization, exportation has influenced the rising production of meat in industries.

Most come from Asian countries or  Australians: these products are brought from the other side of the planet by plane or cargo boat. Therefore, the exportation of such needs produce an excessive quantity of C02. Meat is a catastrophe  for the environment and we should limit, perhaps even completely stop, consuming this product.

Furthermore,  meat comes from  young calves, oxen, chickens raised indoors, without having seen the natural day light during their whole life and fed with hormones Doctors wonder from where come the numerous endocriniens disorders that our

meat tripled? Ask your grandparents! They will tell you that they ate meat only once a week, more precisely on  Sundays as it was the catholic day, and still it is Weirdly, the rate of people dying from illnesses  such as cancer or diabetes has drastically risen! Coincidence ? We and scientists don’t think so! According to recent researches by nutritionists and health advisers, meat is one of the main causes behind the rising amount of cancers, just behind radioactive environment.

We blame fast foods for the health problems that it generates but the truth is that what we tend to eat  mostly is fast food because it’s cheap. As a matter of fact, the State should take into account this serious problem by  imposing new rules  but not limited to  schools. For instance, what if cooks imposed salads instead of bad quality hamburgers to kids? This would not only help kids health, but also would respect the new social tendencies just like vegetarians.

By blaming fast food, we indirectly blame the way we eat. Everything depends on us, especially by our personal pleasures. It’s true, we all love chicken nuggets. However, the production of them is incredible.

What would the solutions be:

Let’s admit that these are only suggestions. The truth of them is that they won’t take place in my lifetime nor in yours. But perhaps it could take place in your children’s  life if you begin to help them in this way. Think about them. Give them a better life. Leave behind you a good or at least a decent planet where to live on. A place where they can live peacefully.

Eat less meat, more vegetables: the truth of veggies is that not only   are they good for your health, but they also respect our environment. No  jokes, your parents weren’t lying. Most of them are full of proteins, glucids and fibers, making them particularly good for our health and development. Let’s stand out as Popeyes!
Maybe replace meat with other nutriments that are full of proteins, perhaps insects or algae. By doing so, you will not get involved in  the process of meat mass-production and will therefore cause a decrease of such movement.

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