Mindchop to return NCIXTechTips Youtube Silver Play Button to Linus

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On 8 March 2018, Linus released a video on his channel LinusTechTips, vlogging himself attending the auction of Netlink Computer .Inc (NCIX) held by AbleAuctions.ca . Check the video out yourselves: https://youtu.be/cDZfh5IjGv8 . In the video, he mentioned that he is attending the auction because he is hoping to buy the Youtube Silver Play button(lot 881) which is dedicated to NCIX's Youtube channel NCIXTechTips. However, sadly, Linus didn't get the button at last as he did not know that it is a choice auction and the NCIX's play button falls into the hand of another Youtuber: Mindchop who have 1.2mill subscribers. Mindchop explained that he brought that silver play button as he didn't have one for his channel. Linus after that explained to MindChop who he was and why he really wants that button but he decided not to although Mindchop agreed to give him afterwards.

A number of LinusTechTips community fans however thinks that Linus deserves to have that play button. This is because Linus was originally the one who build the NCIXTechTips channel up from 0 subscribers before he left NCIX and work for his own company, Linus Media Group. We find that it is unfair for Mindchop to have it as he did not contribute to the growth of NCIXTechTips at all unlike Linus. To Linus, the play button is meaningful as the it is the result of his hard work unlike Mindchop who is planning to mask over the NCIXTechTips with his own channel name on the play button.

Through this petition, we really hope that Mindchop can offer to return the Youtube Silver Play button of NCIXTechTips back to its owner and Linus will agree to have it.