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Operation Clean-up Drive in the Coastal Area of Barangay Bula

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The earth was once filled with emerald green grasses and oceans in crystal clear waters. When man starts to innovate things, the earth also began to change. The abusive use of environment has led to awful consequences. A dilemma wherein the solution is still in search. Reef deforestation, animal species extinction and water pollution are now being experience by humanity.

Most of our oceans now are polluted with waste. Here in General Santos City, the coastline of Barangay Bula is evidently full of garbage. With this alarming situation, there should be a immediate action to address this problem. So here's "Kamaya: Movement for Change". Kamaya is derived from the tausug word which means " take care". As a human being it is our duty to take care and nourish our environment.

Kamaya promotes rehabilitation of coastline that were polluted by man. Through this campaign and online petition we will be able to achieve our goal, rehabilitating and restoring the coastline of barangay bula.

Today: Kamaya is counting on you

Kamaya Movement needs your help with “Mindanao State University - General Santos City Senior High School Students: Operation Clean-up Drive in the Coastal Area of Barangay Bula”. Join Kamaya and 231 supporters today.