Mill Valley Calls for Mayor to Apologize or Resign

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June 11, 2020 - Please scroll down to see our recent update calling for stronger leadership to meet this moment.


June 4, 2020 - Please scroll down to see our update in response to Mayor McEntee's second statement. Note that we only support peaceful protests in public spaces like City Hall and not private residences.


June 2, 2020 - Please sign the petition calling for Mill Valley Mayor, Sashi McEntee, to revise her statement that Black Lives Matter "is not of immediate local importance" by the end of the day or to resign.

Our letter to the Mayor is below:

Dear Mayor McEntee,

We have seen you on the record saying that Black Lives Matter is "not of immediate local importance." 

From your seat of local authority, you dismiss a movement that currently has the country in turmoil. From your seat of privilege, you promote the wrong side of racial injustice in a town that is already lacking in racial diversity. You're telling those minority voices that they are "not of immediate local importance."

Cities are burning. People are hurting. And allies from all backgrounds are showing up in solidarity to advance civil liberties in this country. Civil liberties built on the backs and shoulders of men and women and children. Liberties that you, as a person of color, benefit from today. There is a collective outrage. Yet, you appear blind to it--callous even--when you dismiss the cause as "not of immediate local importance."

We call for you to revise your statement today or we call for your resignation.

Ama & Al Lieb
Menden & Jonathan Kibera
Nathan Tyler