Keep the National Liberal Club


Keep the National Liberal Club

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Edward Holland started this petition to Mill Hill School Foundation and

For the consideration of the Mill Hill School Foundation and the Old Millhillians Club:

Concerns have emerged regarding the benefit of access to the National Liberal Club (NLC) for future members of the Old Millhillians Club (OMC), following news that the upper sixth leavers’ reception is no longer to be held at the NLC.

We, the undersigned, earnestly express our:

1) Appreciation and gratitude for the privilege of fortunate and unique ties of history and reciprocity between the School/Old Millhillians Club (‘OMC’) and the National Liberal Club (‘NLC’)

i) for the professional and social benefits of NLC access,
ii) for the reputation of the School (‘non nobis sed scholae’), and
iii) as a recognition of the School’s long liberal tradition;

2) Concern and alarm about the prospect of ceasing these links between the School/OMC and the NLC,
(notwithstanding a respectful understanding of any sensitive financial constraints of the above parties);

3) Hope and support for the School/OMC to (despite such constraints) protect these links with the NLC.

Thus, we, the undersigned, urge the School/OMC and NLC to use their best endeavours in good faith to negotiate a reciprocal and mutually beneficial deal, prioritising:

i) the £300 (£50 per term for 6 terms) most current parents/guardians have paid, or are in the process of paying, for life membership of the OMC (currently including NLC associate membership at no additional cost), and
ii) the well established and long-standing links between the School/OMC and the NLC.

This would be in order to ensure the NLC continues to be accessible for current and future generations of OMC members.

The National Liberal Club opened next to Westminster in 1887 as a “home for democracy”, its historic rooms providing a haven of opulent yet inclusive solitude nestled within the bustle of the busy city centre. Eight decades earlier, Mill Hill School was established upon the principles of an early liberalism, including tolerance of dissent, and encouragement of freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Indeed, NLC founder and Liberal statesman William Gladstone praised the School as “strikingly alive”. It is within that tradition that this petition is courteously yet urgently submitted.


This petition made change with 38 supporters!

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