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Miley Cyrus: Please attend a Smithfield Pig Save vigil!

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Smithfield Foods is raping, abusing and murdering pigs daily. And they are currently increasing the number of pigs that they are executing by expanding their slaughter facilities. Still, people are ignoring their suffering. The Smithfield Pigs are forced to endure a life of misery. Deprived of all mental stimulation or of any pursuit of happiness. They have their babies taken from them. They endure shock prods and beatings by those that are charged with their care. Their beds are cold damp cement floors.  And this life of suffering ends with a boiling hot or freezing cold truck ride to a slaughterhouse where these pigs are killed without compassion or comfort.
But with the help of Miley Cyrus, we can shine a light on this suffering and start to make things change. If Miley Cyrus will attend a Smithfield Pig Save vigil in Smithfield, Virginia, it will bring the suffering of these pigs to the attention of the legion of fans that adore Miley. And once aware of the suffering these pigs endure for somethings as unnecessary and dangerous as bacon/pork (known carcinogens) it is my expectation that her followers will help turn the tide in the fight for justice for these pigs. No pig should be treated like an object. All pigs should be free. With Miley Cyrus' help, this dream can become a reality.

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