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Enough is Enough....Tougher law changes for youth attackers....

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Recently my 13yo daughter was subjected too a vicious attack by youths aging between 13-17 none known too my daughter but all known too local police.

These youths set upon her and unprovoked attacked her leaving her with the following injuries.......

-Cracked jaw -Two black eye's -Fructured nose -Bruised rib's......

As well as stolen her personal belongings.

I am therefore looking and seeking which I am in full support of youths who do this be tried and convicted in a court of law as adults.

Police have minimal control for out control youths due too the nature of there age, which is why teen's are able too do as they please with no intention's of not re-offending again.

If it was adults we would be tried in a court of law.

If these youths want too fight like adults they should face the same charges.

I am only one of thousands of parents in support of this petition.

Tougher law changes need too be actioned and fast before these youth's take an innocent life.


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