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Stop Facebook bans on people helping via their platform

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I personally run a number of Facebook groups to help lost, stolen & found dogs be reunited with their owners. Some of these groups are for an individual dog, some are for people to post a number of lost and founds on and one of my groups is to provide owners with information needed to help them when they lose their beloved pet.

I know many other people in this same dog/cat world who also spend hours of their time using FB in a positive way to help others, whether this be as above or to help find rescue dogs a home, find an urgent rescue placement for a dog at risk of being PTS, etc. 

It would appear there is a growing issue with Facebook banning people for sharing, posting, adding members to groups and even commenting. These bans are put on people for days or weeks and this in itself has a huge impact on helping an animal and running a group.

However this is even more disgraceful when you have created posters, videos, vital information for a dog and then find out, without Facebook making you aware, that only you can now see the posts whilst you have temporary ban and in that period the thousands of members are unable to see any of your posts.

This causes issues amongst people and more importantly is causing issues in the work people are spending hours on doing. The animal suffers as their posters disappear for days.

Why would any platform place bans on people for helping others in a positive way? Facebook want people to use their platform but when you cannot rely on it to work constantly and consistently - why should you?

Yet you can submit cruelty posts time and time again and they come back saying it does not go against their policies.... but kind people helping others does?? 

It is a disgrace and its about time we stood together and got action taken against this.


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