Call for the Resignation of WSU Board of Trustees and President Dr. Cheryl B. Schrader

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In reference to the ongoing conflict between American Association of University Professors of Wright State University and the administration of Wright State University: 
• We consider the Board of Trustees guilty of gross mismanagement of the University. They have created a hostile work environment for the faculty and by consequence a distressing learning environment for students. They are actively undermining the quality of education WSU provides in the process, and ensuring the demise of this institution.
• They are abusing the power they hold at the university by purposefully misconstruing information, distributing heavily biased language to the most impressionable students, and forcing compliance by instilling fear into the staff and students of the university.
• We have no confidence that the promises made to the student body will be fulfilled, as the administration has provided no evidence to support their claims. Students are paying for education provided by our faculty members. The idea that students will get the same education from fill-in professors is an egregious misconstruction of the truth.
• Considering the positions the Board of Trustees occupies, it is their direct responsibility to ensure the proper functioning of this campus. They are failing to do so. Holding meetings behind closed doors, being unwilling to negotiate, and offering unethical offers are not acceptable responses to the situation at hand.
• It is in our best interests to ensure the long-term viability of Wright State University, and we consider the changes that the administration has imposed to be in direct opposition to this goal.
• With regard to the aforementioned grievances, we are calling for the resignation of all nine governor-appointed Trustees and President Dr. Cheryl B. Schrader.