Petition against Sainsbury’s South Woodford parking restrictions

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My name is Suzanne Bennett, owner of a local business in South Woodford, Sid & Evie's Children’s Boutique.

Sainsbury’s South Woodford branch has introduced new parking restrictions. These are 15 mins ‘free’ and a further 1hr 45 mins if you spend £5 minimum in store.

Our main issues with the parking restrictions are:
1) The 15 min "free parking"  does not give people enough time to shop on the High St. - this will discourage the local community to shop on their High St, reducing use of local amenities,  thus aiding the decline of an already struggling High St.

2) Sainsbury's did not inform any local businesses, including ones which fall under their lease, of the proposals to change parking rules - there was no prior contact or consultation.

3) This action is ill-conceived, with little regard for the impact on the local business community and will dramatically affect footfall on the ever declining High St.

4) The elderly and infirm will be unfairly penalised when collecting prescriptions, attending medical appointments or picking up essential items from the High St.

5) This will adversely affect families with young children who require extra time to carry out daily tasks.

There are 298 parking spaces available in the car park. This is more than adequate to serve Sainsbury's and the local community as a whole. This has worked successfully since 1977.

Sign this petition if you are unhappy with Sainsbury’s new parking restrictions.