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The Scottish Natural Heritage has issued a license authorising a mass culling of ravens in  a large area in Perthshire as part of a five year experiment to find what what may happen to the wader popluation, if ravens are no longer there.  The licence bearers are known as the Strathbraan Community Collaboration for Waders (SCCW) and are known to be involved in land management, such as farmers and gamekeepers, who value the waders for their social and economic value as well as their biodiversity to this area.  This license application is also supported by the Scottish Gamekeepers Association and the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) are providing support with data collection and support..

It seems that these the areas targeted by this license are teeming with red grouse (commonly shot for sport), and this may be the real underlying reason for this cull, reduce the raven population and there will be more red grouse for the hunters to shoot!   

Please don't believe the media hype about ravens either, the common raven is an integral part of our heritage and we should be revering them not killing them!   My family and I have personaly interacted with a rescue raven and other corvids for years, helping to rescue and rehabilitate them back into the wild, and I have found all corvids, especially ravens, to have a very high intelligence.   Ravens have been greatly misunderstood in our culture and it is time we changed the way we view them,  The common Raven (Corvid Corax) is of our most intelligent species of birds and in many cultures this majestic bird is very much revered in myths and legends as being a messenger from spirit with great a healing energy.   We simply cannot allow this cull to happen, these incredible birds need our protection as much as any other species does.  I am utterly horrified by the introduction of this license so please if you feel the same way send your objections and complaints about this matter to:  Mike Cantlay, SNH Chair, calling on him to withdraw the licence with immediate effect. Emails to: